On Reflection

On Reflection, 88x132cm, Rio de Janeiro 2023

“On Reflection” is a specific view on detailed fragments of nature. Photographic layers merge into new abstracts and form diverse and energetic backgrounds to immerse in. The original organic and urban structures are taken with different cameras and then developed in Photoshop for blending, deconstruction and reassembly. This intuitive process is a journey to finding the individual expression of the new material as the picture itself no longer conveys its original output. The reassembly allows for unseen perspectives, which I call “intersections between worlds”. A challenged sense of order and aesthetic bears all the potential to create new spaces by rearranging those perspectives.

Installation view
Treptower Park, 132x88cm, Berlin, Germany 2023
The Rider, 132x88cm, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2023
The course of things, 92x138cm, Skra, Greece 2022
Installation view
Botanical Garden, 132x88cm, Berlin, Germany 2023
Victoria Park, 132x88cm, Berlin, Germany 2023
Message from the woods, Austria 2023
Outer space, Berlin 2022
Everything`s connected, Berlin 2022
Brainstorm, 96x128cm, Berlin, Germany 2023
Early Bird, 36x54cm, Paris, France 2022
Birds Inferno, 44x66cm, Berlin, Germany 2023
Nans reflection on Prinsengracht, 88x132cm, Amsterdam, Holland 2023
No Mans Land, Ethiopia 2022
The Ridge, Ethiopia 2022
Gesteinskreislauf, 75x100cm
Starlight, 75x100cm, Ethiopia 2022
Hieronymus Fog, 105x140cm, Greece 2022
Variation I
Variation II